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Odds Format for all bookmakers
# Name Odds Format for all bookmakers Links
1 Bet365 iconBet365EU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
2 Betfair iconBetfairEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional)
3 1xBet icon1xBetEU (Decimal),Hong Kong,Indo,Malay,UK (Fractional),US (American)
4 Parimatch iconParimatchEU (Decimal)
5 Betway iconBetwayEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
6 William Hill iconWilliam HillEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
7 Betsson iconBetssonEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
8 Betfirst iconBetfirstEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
9 Dafabet iconDafabetEU (Decimal),Hong Kong,Indo,Malay,US (American)
10 Unibet iconUnibetEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
11 Betfred iconBetfredEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
12 SkyBet iconSkyBetEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional)
13 Ladbrokes iconLadbrokesEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional)
14 Paddy Power iconPaddy PowerEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional)
15 Coral iconCoralEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional)
16 Betsafe iconBetsafeEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
17 Triobet iconTriobetEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
18 BookMaker.eu iconBookMaker.euEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
19 Betflag iconBetflagEU (Decimal)
20 Sportingbet iconSportingbetEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
21 Sports Interaction iconSports InteractionEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
22 BetVictor iconBetVictorChinese,EU (Decimal),Indo,UK (Fractional),US (American)
23 FavBet iconFavBetEU (Decimal),Hong Kong,UK (Fractional),US (American)
24 Rivalo iconRivaloEU (Decimal),US (American)
25 Bodog iconBodogEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
26 Tipico iconTipicoEU (Decimal)
27 Marathonbet iconMarathonbetEU (Decimal),Hong Kong,Indo,Malay,UK (Fractional),US (American)
28 888sport icon888sportEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
29 BoyleSports iconBoyleSportsEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
30 MELbet iconMELbetEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
31 Everygame iconEverygameEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
32 ComeOn iconComeOnEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
33 Sbobet iconSbobetEU (Decimal),Hong Kong,Indo,Malay
34 Paf iconPafEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
35 TonyBet iconTonyBetEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
36 NordicBet iconNordicBetEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
37 Bet-at-home iconBet-at-homeEU (Decimal)
38 PlanetOfBets iconPlanetOfBetsEU (Decimal)
39 Matchbook iconMatchbookEU (Decimal),Hong Kong,Indo,Malay,UK (Fractional),US (American)
40 Betmotion iconBetmotionEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
41 Interwetten iconInterwettenEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
42 NetBet iconNetBetEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
43 BetClic iconBetClicEU (Decimal)
44 Vbet iconVbetEU (Decimal),Hong Kong,Indo,Malay,UK (Fractional),US (American)
45 Tempobet iconTempobetEU (Decimal),Hong Kong,Indo,Malay,UK (Fractional),US (American)
46 Jetbull iconJetbullEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
47 Cashpoint iconCashpointEU (Decimal)
48 10Bet icon10BetEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
49 Pinnacle Sports iconPinnacle SportsEU (Decimal),US (American)
50 Mobilebet iconMobilebetEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
51 Winner iconWinnerEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
52 Expekt iconExpektEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
53 Efbet iconEfbetEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
54 Guts iconGutsEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
55 18bet icon18betEU (Decimal),Hong Kong,Indo,Malay,UK (Fractional),US (American)
56 Winmasters iconWinmastersEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
57 Gamebookers iconGamebookersEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
58 12bet icon12betChinese,EU (Decimal),Indo,Malay,US (American)
59 1Bet icon1BetEU (Decimal),Hong Kong,Indo,Malay,UK (Fractional),US (American)
60 Meridianbet iconMeridianbetEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
61 Redbet iconRedbetEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
62 MyBet iconMyBetEU (Decimal)
63 Astekbet iconAstekbetEU (Decimal),Hong Kong,Indo,Malay,UK (Fractional),US (American)
64 SuperLenny iconSuperLennyEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
65 Optibet iconOptibetEU (Decimal)
66 BetRebels iconBetRebelsEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
67 Leon Bets iconLeon BetsEU (Decimal)
68 Titanbet iconTitanbetEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
69 Youwin iconYouwinEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
70 Centrebet iconCentrebetEU (Decimal)
71 Winbrokes iconWinbrokesEU (Decimal)
72 Buff - Galaxy iconBuff - GalaxyEU (Decimal),Hong Kong,UK (Fractional),US (American)
73 Bet3000 iconBet3000EU (Decimal)
74 LSbet iconLSbetEU (Decimal)
75 Noxwin iconNoxwinEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
76 BetRedKings iconBetRedKingsEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
77 Goldbet iconGoldbetEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional)
78 24HBet icon24HBetEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
79 Betrally iconBetrallyEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
80 Bet-52 iconBet-52EU (Decimal),Hong Kong,Indo,Malay,UK (Fractional),US (American)
81 188bet icon188betEU (Decimal),Hong Kong,Indo,Malay
82 DOXXbet iconDOXXbetEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
83 Dhoze iconDhozeEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
84 OddsRing iconOddsRingEU (Decimal)
85 BetAdonis iconBetAdonisEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
86 Betn1 iconBetn1EU (Decimal)
87 Betaland iconBetalandEU (Decimal)
88 StanJames iconStanJamesEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
89 Betshop iconBetshopEU (Decimal)
90 Big Bet World iconBig Bet WorldEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
91 RealDealBet iconRealDealBetEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
92 Mansion88 iconMansion88EU (Decimal),Hong Kong,Indo,Malay,US (American)
93 BetSonic iconBetSonicEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
94 The Greek iconThe GreekEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
95 ApolloBet iconApolloBetEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
96 Dobet iconDobetEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
97 ExclusiveBet iconExclusiveBetEU (Decimal),UK (Fractional),US (American)
98 SlBet iconSlBetEU (Decimal)
99 Ohmbet iconOhmbetEU (Decimal),Hong Kong,Indo,Malay,UK (Fractional),US (American)
100 Digibet iconDigibetEU (Decimal)
101 GoalBet iconGoalBetEU (Decimal)
102 BetAdria iconBetAdriaEU (Decimal)
103 ToBet360 iconToBet360EU (Decimal)
104 Luckybet iconLuckybetEU (Decimal),Hong Kong,Indo,Malay,UK (Fractional),US (American)
Bonus informations
How to register on a bookmaker?
1. Click on register;
2. Fill out the form in all its parts and in some there are steps (1, 2, 3);
3. Confirmation to validate the registration;
4. Deposit a sum of money paying attention to the bonus.

Important welcome bonus In the terms and conditions there is a clause that talks about the expiration and/or conditions for receiving the welcome bonus. The editors advise you to check it before registering because the time is always short. Another advice is to play all the bonus right away because if you do not meet the terms you can not withdraw it. The clauses change in the different sportsbook, casino, games, poker and other platforms where there is a sign up bonus, welcome bonus and/or deposit bonus. The editor's advice is to have in your ID document and any recent bill or bank statement.
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